Keep web safe

We hear all too often in the news examples of consumers becoming victims of identity theft, so here are a few tips for our customers to help you stay safe on the internet. Don’t give out personal information, such as any PIN numbers or even your DPS repayment ID (it’s like a PIN number too!).

Remember to keep your passwords secret. If possible, use passwords that include numbers, capital letters, lower case letters and symbols to make them more secure, and don’t write them down. Don’t leave any of your ID details in public view, as these details can also be used by someone trying to impersonate you.

Take a good look at any emails you receive before you click on any links. If there are spelling mistakes or the sender is asking you for information it should already have, then the email may be fake and potentially dangerous. We will never email you to ask for details such as your username, password or answers to security questions.