New ADR guide published!

In a perfect world, landlords and tenants would always agree on the amount of deposit to be returned following the end of a tenancy. However, we all know that’s not the reality and both parties might end up in a dispute, and in the hands of an independent Adjudicator. Last month we resolved 362 deposit disputes on behalf of landlords, letting agents and tenants. The outcome of those disputes varied; 19.5% going in favour landlords, 35.7% in favour of tenants, and 44.8% split between the two.

The Adjudicators decision can only be based on the evidence submitted; they don’t know the landlord or tenant personally and had no contact with either party throughout the tenancy, so it’s vital that the evidence provided is clear, comprehensive and most importantly, relevant!

Having said that, we know the process can be difficult, so we’ve created a new guide, ‘The Essential Guide to Dispute Resolution’ which covers everything you need to know about our ADR process; including how claims are assessed and the evidence that should be provided in order to support them, including:

›       Signed tenancy agreement

›       Signed and dated photographs

›       Invoices relating to the claim

›       Any correspondence that can support your case

Use the guide as a checklist for effective dispute resolution and increase your chances of success by supplying all the relevant information to support your claim.

You can view or download the guide on The DPS website.