How important is my Repayment ID?

I get this question from tenants and landlords a lot, the answer is simple - very important! You need your repayment ID to initiate the return of the deposit repayment. It identifies you to The DPS, links you to the deposit and without one you will almost certainly experience a delay with your repayment.

Tenants and landlords/agents are all issued with unique repayment IDs at the start of the tenancy – and you need to keep them safe until the tenancy ends. Some people have said to me that it seems odd to issue it at the start when you’re months away from needing it, but there are a couple of reasons why we do this:

1) It’s the unique number that identifies the tenants, which only they can use to log into their account;

2) We don’t know when the tenancy is due to end, and there’s the risk that either party has changed their contact details and not told us.

It’s also extremely important that you don’t share your repayment ID with anyone, especially your landlord/agent. Think of it as your bank PIN number – you wouldn’t give that out to people as they’d have ready access to your cash! It’s the same for your repayment ID; if your landlord/agent has it, they’re in full control of the deposit repayment and you may not get a say in how it’s repaid.

If you think your repayment ID has been compromised in anyway, don’t panic, get in touch at and we can send you a new one.

For more information on deposit repayments, check out our FAQs.