Do you have any questions for The DPS?

I was delighted last week when Tessa Shepperson asked me to do the first of her new Landlord Law podcasts. The podcasts will replace the Notable Property Persons (NPP) series in which Tessa interviewed several high profile property professionals – you can read my NPP profile here.

We’ll be discussing the key aspects of tenancy deposit protection and Alternative Dispute Resolution during the podcast. We’re also looking for questions from you so that we can address the things that really matter to our customers as well as readers of Landlord Law.

So if you’ve got any questions for me, now’s an ideal time to raise them.

You can submit questions here on The DPS Blog, or fill in Tessa’s online form but make sure you’ve sent us your questions by Saturday 15 January so they can be included.

The podcast will be uploaded to Landlord Law and Landlord Law Blog, downloadable from iTunes and I’ll upload it here too, so look out for it!