We caught up with the 700 Club - see how they're using our donation!

The 700 Club were the final successful applicants of our first donation in May 2014 and received £7,500.

The 700 Club help homeless people in Darlington achieve independence. They provide accommodation and tenancy support for people with drug and alcohol problems. They also run “Bridge2Home” – a Bond Guarantee Scheme that helps clients’ access accommodation by underwriting the bond.

We were delighted to fund them because they’re a registered UK charity who improves the delivery of housing in the private rented sector.

We recently gave the 700 Club a call to find out how our donation has been used. They were eager to tell us our funding has provided vital support for their Bridge2Home project and helped hundreds of vulnerable people gain access to housing.

With our donation the Bridge2Home scheme is offered to more clients. Their bond guarantee has been increased from £150 to £400 so they can compensate landlords for higher risks! They also visit high-need clients more often giving landlords more protection when housing these clients. And clients have a home!

Previously the scheme had been cautious in underwriting bonds of clients with high needs because of the higher risk of damage to a landlord’s property. This increased risk also put landlords off accepting these people as tenants.

Thinking of applying for funding? Make sure you have a clear plan of how you will use our money so you are able to stand out against other applications. Apply before 31 March 2015! Visit our website to download an application form.

700 Club cheque handover