Tenants, do you want to rate your landlord?

I’ve just been reading a report put together by consumer watchdog Consumer Focus which suggests there’s a need for a ‘rate your landlord’ style website for tenants in the private rented sector. The report argues that whilst landlords can very easily check up on prospective tenants with credit and other background checks, there isn’t anything in place currently for tenants to formally check the reputation of their landlords before signing tenancy agreements.

Consumer Focus looked to service providers, existing and prospective tenants, consumer and advocacy organisations and neutral commentators for feedback.

You can read the full report on their website but here are some of the key stats from the tenant survey:

> 65% of respondents knew nothing about their landlord before signing the tenancy agreement > 76% of respondents thought that it would be useful if you could easily find out what other tenants thought of a landlord when you’re looking to rent > 82.3% of respondents thought the best place to find out information on landlords would be on a special website.

We’re keen to find out what you think about this – is it something you’d like to see introduced?

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