Meet Emma, our new virtual agent on hand to answer all your questions

We’re continually assessing our customer support functionality and content to ensure it’s efficient, up to date and providing you with the best possible service, and it’s now even easier to find the answer to your enquiry with the help of our new virtual agent Emma. You can ask Emma anything relating to The DPS and she will return the most appropriate answer based on the information you have provided.

If you need further information or clarification on any of your questions, Emma will offer more options or direct you to our online contact form which, once submitted, will be sent directly to our Operations team who’ll respond as quickly as possible.

In addition and in order to streamline our support channels, we’ve created a new ‘Help’ page on the website where you can find all our online customer support. This ensures that you can find the answer to your question quickly, without the need to call or email us; enabling you to efficiently self-manage your tenancies.

On our new ‘Help’ page, you’ll find:

Ask Emma Our new virtual agent, on hand to answer all your DPS questions

Quick Links A list of our most common enquiries – click the relevant action to be taken straight to the right page.

Frequently Asked Questions Our extensive list of FAQs are an alternative to Ask Emma and address 90% of all enquiries – if the answer to your question is not there, you’ll be directed to an online form which is sent directly to our Operations team.

Glossary People are often confused by all the tenancy deposit protection jargon, this list of terms and phrases relating to deposit protection and our service will help.

Contact Us If you need to write to us, or call us, you’ll find our details here.

Whether you’re an existing customer with an enquiry, you’re looking to register with the scheme or simply have a question for us, our ‘Help’ page is the best place to start!

And coming soon – instant repayment ID reminders! The most common request on a daily basis is for repayment ID reminders. To ensure that you’re sent this reminder as quickly as possible, we’ve automated it so that as soon as you make the request via phone or online form, a repayment ID reminder email will be dispatched to you immediately without the need to speak to anybody.

We’ll let you know as soon as this is available.