Two million tenants protected by The DPS

We’re heading into our fifth year of operation and since we launched back in April 2007 we’ve safeguarded the deposits of more than 2 million tenants! Since launch, we’ve protected deposits totalling £1.1 billion on behalf of 20,000 letting agents and 250,000 landlords and currently we’re protecting 720,000 deposits worth £550 million.

It’s great to see so many tenants, landlords and agents in England, Wales and even Scotland choosing to safeguard their tenant’s deposits with us; it’s particularly pleasing as we didn’t have an existing member base when we started up in 2007.

As the scheme has grown we’ve concentrated on enhancing our service to make deposit protection as easy as possible. We’ve introduced more online functionality, a facility for tenants to check whether their deposits have been protected, SMS reminders and, most recently, our online service agent ‘Emma’ who’s been working hard with over 15,000 requests since launch.

In order to keep you up to date with all the changes and make sure you know what’s required of you, over the last year we’ve:

›       Sent 85,000 text messages reminding tenants to reclaim deposits

›       Sent 400 Tweets

›       Written 50 blog posts

›       Held 4 ADR workshops for landlords and letting agents

›       Recorded 1 podcast with Landlord Law

It’s vital to keep awareness up, particularly at the moment when we’re in the midst of a private rental sector boom and more home owners are finding themselves thrust into the role of reluctant landlord and even more people are forced to rent as they’re priced out of the market.

We’re still registering around 200 new landlords a day though, so I’m confident the message is hitting home.