There’s now even more to Ask Emma!

I blogged a few months ago about how we had streamlined our customer support services by launching a new ‘Help’ page on the website and the work to enhance those services hasn’t stopped there. Emma, our online virtual agent has now had over 62,000 enquiries and since launch we’ve continued to monitor and develop the information she has at her fingertips so that she can answer all your questions effectively.

Prompted by a few recent enquiries and some of your suggestions, we’ve put some more information at her disposal so she’s now better equipped to answer your questions on:

›       Lost Deposit IDs

›       Registration problems

›       Methods of contacting us

›       Payment referencing

›       Overseas landlords

We’ll continue to update Emma and our other support services with the latest information but we’d like to hear from you too – perhaps there’s an issue that Emma couldn’t help you with? Leave us a comment if you have any feedback for her.