Find out how The Homesavers Charity has put our donation to good use!

The Homesavers Charity was another successful applicant to our Charity Donations Fund in 2014. In May they received £7,500.

The charity helps people in Merseyside who’re on low income, facing homelessness or living in temporary accommodation access private housing. They offer tenancy deposits and financial guarantees to private landlords, which help prospective tenants into affordable housing. They also distribute survival packs to homeless people.

We awarded them funding because they improve the availability of private sector housing and they will continue to provide benefits in the long term.

We recently caught up with The Homesavers Charity and found out that five people have benefited from our donation! One of those was a woman from Liverpool who was given 28 days to leave her property. They were able to pay the £475 deposit for a house so her son didn’t need to move schools. Our funding also helped to support her housing benefit application, and money will be put aside each month so she can pay her own deposit once her tenancy ends.

Our donation was also used to help an unemployed woman and her children find accommodation when they faced homelessness due to the breakdown of her relationship. Her new landlord demanded more rent in advance because she didn’t have a rental guarantor; however The Homesavers Charity were able to cover this deposit so they could move into their home.

Inspired to apply for funding? Make sure you apply before 31 March 2015! Visit our website to download an application form.

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