Alexander Road gets a new lease of life with the help of The DPS

At The DPS we’re always excited to hear back from the charities we’ve supported and how the Charity Donations Fund has helped those less fortunate in their community.

So when we caught up with Y Supported Accommodation (YSA), who received an award in 2015 - we were thrilled to hear that our £15,000 donation has allowed them to continue refurbishing their Alexander Road site; a place 20 vulnerable young people can call home, if only for a short period of time.

The refurbishment programme has been extensive, with new boilers, bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, furniture and fire and electrical systems all being fitted, and the feedback has been fantastic…

YSA have found that people will respond positively to a caring, clean and supportive environment. Having pride in their room, appearance and achievements improves their confidence and self-esteem. 

Tom’s story

Tom, a former resident at the Alexander Road showed a remarkable change in his behaviour after being told he may be able to move into a newly renovated flat. 

During his previous stays he was neglectful and damaged the property whilst under the influence of alcohol. But after being given a sneak peek of one the new flats, he began to maintain his current flat to a much higher standard, and more importantly there were no more incidents of vandalism. And after eight weeks, Tom moved into his new place as arranged. 

Tom simply said “it may be homeless accommodation but for me it’s my space and I’ve never had that before especially when everything is new.”

Tom now lives in his own council tenancy, and has been given a lot of practical advice and support by his case worker, including budgeting and paying bills.

Stories like Tom’s are really gratifying to hear, and the reason we started The DPS Fund. We can’t wait to hear more from YSA in the future.

If you work for or know of a charity that could benefit from the DPS Charity donations fund, please don’t hesitate to apply for funding right here.