How is the Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre using our donation to help homeless people?

In September last year we donated £10,000 from our Charity Donations Fund to The Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre (CHAC). 

They are a small independent charity that gives free advice and information to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in their community.  

We took the opportunity to catch-up with CHAC to see how our donation helped rehouse five people in the Cheltenham area. One of those was a local man who was living in his car after the breakdown of his relationship, leaving him depressed and desperate. Our funding has helped him find a flat. He can now have his kids over to stay and is looking forward to getting back into work.

Over the last year The DPS Charity Donations Fund has donated £80,000 to good causes and we’re proud to be able to support the vital work of charities such as CHAC. 

If you would like to apply for funding, make sure you apply before our next submission deadline on 30 June 2015! Visit our website to download an application form.