Cuppa Catch-up with... Julie-Ann

We spotted Julie-Ann, our Head of Operations, in the kitchen making coffee and took the opportunity to ask her three quick questions while the kettle boiled...

Day-to-day, what do you do?

I oversee the teams that look after our customers, both administration and phones, which is about 70 people in total. I make sure we’re providing a good quality service and giving our customers the right information. My aim is to continually improve the help and support we give our customers when they contact us.

What are you most proud of?

I’m really proud that we’ve changed the way we work – we’ve reduced response waiting times and improved the quality of the information we give as a result.

It really doesn’t matter to me how long our customer service agents spend with the customer, as long as they’re able to completely deal with their query. We ask all our agents to pre-empt the next question. If they’re telling a customer to do something, they have to make sure the customer knows exactly what they need to do and where they can go to find the information they need.

Because of this, call volumes have reduced by 10% each month, as our customers rarely need to call back again. This means we now answer the phone twice as quickly, in just 30 seconds on average.

We also call back customers at random and ask them to rate how we handled their call. We ask for a rating out of 10 for both the service, and how well we answered their question. We’re really pleased that last month 82% of all calls scored 10 out of 10. This is backed up by some great comments we’ve received from customers voting for us as their supplier of the year in the ESTAS awards.

Where would your home be, if it could be anywhere?

I would definitely move to Hong Kong, on the Kowloon side overlooking the island. I’ve visited Hong Kong 17 times, and can speak some Cantonese!