Are you a landlord based overseas? You’re not alone!

We were interested to find out where in the world our landlords are located, so we did some research to find out! Check out our new interactive heat map which shows the number of landlords in each country and how many properties they own!

More than half of all our landlords who live overseas are based in Europe, with one in ten being in France (bonjour!). Our top ten locations also include Spain, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

Many of our international landlords also reside in English-speaking nations, with four in 10 from Australia, the USA, Ireland or New Zealand.

Don’t forget

Whether you live here or overseas, if you’re renting a property out in England and Wales, you’re required to protect your tenants’ deposits by law, and we’re the only provider to offer you a choice of either custodial or insured deposit protection.

Stats and facts

  • All together, the Arabic-speaking world represents 4.43% of landlords based abroad
  • More than four out of five international landlords have just one property registered with us
  • The continent with the second-highest proportion of international landlords is Oceani
  • Within the continents, South Africa has by far the highest number of landlords in Africa, Brazil has the most landlords in South America and Hong Kong – a Special Administrative Region of China – dwarfs the mainland’s total with 5.01% of the global total