Making your life easier when reclaiming a deposit

We are pleased to announce we’re making some changes to our service which will enhance the Joint Deposit Repayment process, making life easier for landlords and tenants if they disagree at the end of the tenancy.

We’ll be improving our systems to capture more information online and make that information visible to the tenant immediately. When a landlord wishes to retain all or part of the deposit they’ll be able to enter their claim(s), providing details for each deduction made. The tenant will then be able to review the claim(s) online and agree or disagree to each, providing their response to each one they object to. By making these changes, if a tenant doesn’t agree with all the deductions made by the Landlord, we’re able to significantly reduce the timescales of the overall dispute resolution process by around 30%.  

Both parties will also be able to see when a claim has been made, together with the amounts and any deadlines for evidence submission. Any payments that are made will also be recorded in both the agent’s and tenant’s online accounts.

The changes will take effect towards the end of April. We’re also updating our process documents and “How to” videos, so make sure you keep an eye on our website for more information.