Welcome to the new look website

If you’ve visited the DPS website since April 1 you may have noticed some changes to the look of your online account.

Basically, The DPS is spring-cleaning its look and feel whilst making a few small updates. You will not notice any change to how you use your account.


You may know we launched our Insured Scheme on April 1. Because of that there will be changes to how our Terms and Conditions are displayed. 

There will now be three sets of Terms and Conditions

Some of the Liability and General clauses have been moved from the Custodial Scheme Terms and Conditions into the General Terms and Conditions.  There may be some new clauses within the General Terms and Conditions that may affect you so we would ask you to read the new General version of the Terms and Conditions by clicking here

New Security

If you are a landlord, when viewing deposit details through your account you will no longer be able to see your tenant’s telephone numbers or email addresses.  You will be able to validate if you have the correct details because you will be able to see the last three numbers of any phone number registered, and the first three letters of any email address registered.

Thanks for reading.

The DPS Team