SAFEagent week is here again, and we’re right behind it

From 15-19 May, letting agents and organisations from across the UK will once again come together in support of SAFEagent Awareness Week. SAFEagent was set up “by the industry, for the industry” to protect landlords’ and tenants’ money. Naturally, as a company that is committed to protecting tenants’ deposits, we’re fully behind it.

During last year’s SAFEagent week, and throughout the year, they highlighted the importance of choosing a letting agent that is part of a Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme. In an industry that’s estimated to be worth £2.7 billion, it’s vital that our customers’ deposits are safe. Of course, since then, the government has announced that CMP is to become compulsory for letting agents. This is a significant development within the industry, and thanks in no small part to the tireless work of SAFEagent.

John Midgley, Chair of the SAFEagent Steering Group, says:

“We were delighted when the Government announced that inclusion in a Client Money Protection Scheme will become mandatory for all lettings and management agents but obviously there is some time to go before it is implemented and therefore the SAFEagent campaign continues. We believe that SAFEagent contributed in no small measure to the Government’s decision and it demonstrates what agents working together can achieve.”

We’d like to encourage all letting agents to become members of SAFEagent. The blue and black SAFEagent ‘mark’ gives tenants and landlords the peace of mind that their money is protected.

To find out more about SAFEagent and the work they do, visit their website