We’ve made reclaiming a deposit easier!

We’ve made some changes to the Joint Deposit Repayment process that will help to smooth your end of tenancy experience.   

When a landlord makes a claim to keep part of a deposit online (and gives their reasons why) the tenant can now review the claims straight away and respond to each one, speeding up the process.

We’ve also updated our Alternative Dispute Resolution online process so both the Landlord and Tenant can see when a claim has been made, the disputed amount and deadlines for evidence submission

To make sure you know how to use the updated processes, we’ve created new flow charts showing both landlords and tenants how to start the repayment process. Check them out on our website, along with our other updated process documents. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t forget you can ask our virtual agent, ‘Emma’ or contact us using our online form.

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