Don't lose your deposit on bonfire night

We all know how fun bonfire night can be, and it’s always tempting to outdo the neighbours with your display, but it does have its risks. There are over 1,000 firework-related injuries* every year, and also damage caused to gardens and properties. If you’re a tenant in rented accommodation, it can prove costly and could lead to you losing your deposit if you’re liable for any damage caused to the property.

When planning your evening, here are just a few facts for you to bear in mind… 

  • Fireworks can travel at speeds up to 150mph*
  • Three sparklers burn together at the same heat as that of a blowtorch*
  • The majority of firework-related injuries happen at family or private parties*

We want you to have a great time, but more importantly we want you, your family and friends, and your homes to be safe, so here are some safety tips to help avoid bonfire night going with the wrong sort of bang! 

1)    Make sure you only buy fireworks from a reputable retailer
2)    If you’re having a bonfire, make sure it’s at least 18m (60ft) away from buildings trees, hedges, fences or sheds
3)    To avoid your fireworks ‘firing’ in the wrong direction, put them in a bucket of soft earth and in a suitable location
4)    Keep a close eye on the weather. Any sudden changes in wind direction could change the direction of aerial fireworks
5)    Don’t ever light fireworks in or near your property
6)    Never throw any used fireworks on a bonfire
7)    Never use flammable liquids like paraffin or petrol to get a bonfire going. This can cause an uncontrollable spread of fire or even an explosion.

Of course, the best way of protecting your deposit on bonfire night is to leave it to the professionals and go to a public display.

Have fun, be safe and keep your home in one piece.  

The DPS Team

*Source: NHS choices